Invoice Processing

Invoice processing solutions have a vital component to perform with regards to your company’s destiny as imprecise invoicing services will certainly have a vital impact on your enterprise’s grades as well as client fulfilment metrics. With outsourcing your invoice processing, your business can profit from more reliable business operations with regular, appropriate and exact invoice management.

Our Invoice Processing Service

Our invoice processors outsource high-end invoice scanning technology simultaneously with the most excited invoice processing software to achieve supreme efficiency within a compact time frame

  • Comparing buying orders to invoices
  • Indexing of Documents
  • Formulating receipts of e-invoices
  • Examining managing and cashing
  • Auditing and agreement of scanned invoices
  • Comprehensive logging of each transaction
  • Automated and mannual data entry
  • Obtaining information from the header and line items
  • Generating PO receipts of supplier bills
  • Data validation of code, value, etc
  • Scanning paper invoices
  • Logging transaction details

How Are Invoices Processing Services Offered At Proglobiz Services?

1. Invoices are received: We receive your invoices as soon as they are uploaded to our protective and secure FTP hosting server. You can also transfer out the invoices as e-mail attachments to us or bestow them with us via Google drive or drop box.

2. Invoice Processing Services: Invoices are separate relying on their complexity and our quality control method performs sure that in the appearance of any dilemma, the invoices are pore over and examined for accuracy after taking endorsements from the customer.

3. Invoices Transmitted: When expansively documented, the data entry method activates into the accounting software of your own decision as well as in a composition you are at convenient with.

Steps to hire Invoice Processing Services:

Acquire Free Trial Run:

When you transfer your sample project to our company, we proffer you the entire responsibility within a short period according to your needs and then pause for your approval.

Get the last Project:

Once you confirm the sample project work, we use the final files of the industry and know your queries and demands concerning the same and then ensue the subsequent steps.

Invoice Data gathering:

We accept the invoices from your organization with the utilization of our reliable web portals, FTP servers, online software or couriers relying on the business size and privacy.

Investigate Invoice info:

Our company evaluates the work and examine the best-proven way for the invoice processing work relying on the quantity and its complexity.

Processing Invoices:

Authorities concoct your invoices with high performance, providing you the greatest quality results of invoice processing service without any mistakes and with quick turnaround period.

Invoice Quality Control:

Proglobiz believes trusts in quality check prior to transmitting the invoice data to your corporation. We implement a meticulous quality check to guarantee you transcended outcomes.

Transfer Final File:

Assent of the closing work will be arranged in the fancied format with the aid of a reliable server system or email.

You can communicate our client support team to understand the process in details or inquire any time for your suspicions and queries.

How Outsourcing Invoice Processing Services are advantageous?


Proglobiz is a safe and committed outsourcing firm of India rendering top-class quality invoice processing services. When you outsource to our professional invoice processing partners for your demands, we suggest you customized solutions at affordable charges. Outsourcing invoice processing services to our business will relieve your precious resources from non-core business which you can utilize in other significant activities. It’s not required to train and maintain the staff for your invoice processing activity. Our business has high-security systems for the security of your expensive information.

When you have massive invoices to be concocted within a brief period, you can outsource invoice processing service to our experts available at inexpensive prices and gain access to their talents and experience. Hiring invoice processing to us in India will endeavour you high quality, high accuracy, fast and precise outcomes within your budget. Deliver the targeted objectives of your company by making Proglobiz an outsourcing partner. Invoice processing service extended by our experts will direct you for decisive business planning’s to receive 100% client satisfaction and you can be at the aggressive side.

Proglobiz has provided customized invoice management solutions that incorporate automatic handling and processing of invoices to multiple companies.

Our value-added tasks include:

  • Utilization of automated invoice verification software.
  • Web-based invoice approval workflow which helps incorrect processing of invoices such as receipts and payments.
  • Quick turnaround rate oriented on customer urgency.
  • Cloud storage of invoice data for simple approachability.
  • Committed personnel to access and manage invoice data.